Project Description

Pipes have the following features:

1- Complete electrical insulation.
2- Easily maintained and easily installed.
3- Anti-corrosion,anti-rust and light weight.
4- Strong and high resistance to acids and alkaline.
5- Have no effect on the color, taste or odor of the passing-through fluids.
6- High resistance to fire, as Poly Vinyl Chloride Resin is inflammable.
7- No harmful impacts on heath & high resistance to rodents and alkaline.
8- High-quality fluids flow due to the smooth inner surface and low coefficient of friction.
It also resists the sediments on the inner surface that Facilitates the flow of fluids.
9- UPVC pipes are best suited to the hard soils due to its high resistance to cement and saline soils.
10- One of the most important features of Nassar UPVC pipes is that all manufacturing
processes are automatically controlled, leading to stable dimensions and sizes along
the pipes. Moreover, the shape and dimensions of pipes sockets are made according
to high technical specifications; that’s ensure avoiding problems during installation.

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